Ready To Move Your Online Business From ClickFunnels To WordPress?

Are you tired of the expensive monthly payments associated with ClickFunnels but are worried about losing the conversion focused aspect of the software? We help ClickFunnels business owners transition over to WordPress to give you more control over your business without losing sales!

It's not that difficult to move your online business from ClickFunnels to WordPress using Thrive Architect

How Thrive Themes for WordPress can give you the same ClickFunnels experience without the high monthly costs!

Thrive Themes is a conversion focused set of marketing plugins which includes a page building software to own a beautiful, high-converting online businesses without expensive monthly payments.

You can have exactly the same types of sales funnels, landing pages, splash pages and even full websites (with all SEO benefits) using Thrive Themes easy-to-use software and WordPress.

Helped to grow my email list and get more people into my sales funnel

Knowing Andrew is a WordPress expert, my only initial concern was if he had knowledge of ClickFunnels (which he obviously does...). At the time, I was having issues with my website and also with my sales funnel. Andrew was able help with with ClickFunnels and also to design me a brand new website which helped to grow my email list and get more people into my sales funnel. Andrew is reliable and is always willing to expand his knowledge and do whatever it takes to get the result. If you want someone that will be there for you no matter what and go way beyond the initial scope, Andrew is your guy! Thank you for always helping me out, it means a lot!


Helping business owners transition from ClickFunnels To WordPress

If you're currently a ClickFunnels member and looking to bring your sales funnels, websites and landing pages to WordPress - we can almost definitely help you.

We have helped many businesses take advantage of all WordPress has to offer and build reliable, cost-effective and low maintenance digital assets which help business owners convert visitors to leads and customers, just like you can with ClickFunnels.

Why Thrive Themes an excellent alternative for business owners looking to move their business from ClickFunnels

Ease of use

Thrive Theme's drag and drop editor allows the development of high-quality pages at any level of tech ability.

Visual Editing

See exactly what you are building, so you can see exactly how your web or landing page looks while you're building it.

Marketing Focused

All Thrive Theme's elements are designed with lead generation at the forefront so you never miss out on leads or sales

Zero Coding

Build your online course with Thrive Themes to deliver accessible and quality content to your customers

Mobile Editing

Design the mobile version of your page exactly how you want it to ensure a seamless experience to those on small screens! 

Great Support

Thrive's support is absolutely brilliant, and their technical team are always on hand to guide you through tough times.


Thrive Themes is a fifth of the monthly price of ClickFunnels and gives you the same ability to build a business which brings you leads, daily!

Zero Coding

If you have never used code to build pages, don't worry! No HTML or CSS is required! Just use the drag and drop editor!

The types of ClickFunnels to WordPress assistance we offer business owners.

With Thrive Themes, any website, landing page or sales funnel can be built the same way (if not better..) than in ClickFunnels

Business owners who come to us with help moving from ClickFunnels to WordPress don't always want the same thing. 

We offer a few different options which allows you to quickly move your business to a WordPress eco-system and continue making those all important sales.

  • Exact redesign - image for image, word for word redesign
  • Partial redesign - similar design but with a few changes 
  • Complete redesign - new page designs from the ground up 

It's always hard to give a costing when it comes to digital marketing without learning more about your existing set up; if applicable. Our digital growth services are all about developing win-win partnerships. If there is no benefit for both parties, then nobody is better off and we're not interested in there only being a benefit for one of us.

Reno Frazzittas


After being recommended by a trusted source, I had no hesitation in using his services to oversee construction of my brand. I chose his services because of the obvious knowledge working with coaches. I would suggest anyone wanting to grow their digital presence to speak with Andrew to glean a flavour of the services and knowledge-base on offer.

Chris Salt


I had no hesitation in using Andrew, the threshold was pretty low with a good offer on bite-size deliveries. I asked to set up my pages, as well as getting a nicely formatted blog design for all my posts. I didn't want to hire someone who was just 'design-savvy', but also someone who has a sense for the marketing/business side of things - and Andrew certainly has both.

Niclas Johansson



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